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Fly for pleasure or the first step in your flying career.

This programme is for those of you who do not wish to pursue a career as a commercial pilot, or use this as a stepping stone into the commercial world of aviation.This requires the student to complete basic ground and flight training in order to successfully pass the Transport Canada PPAER written exam, and a flight test.

With flexible start dates and attendance, you can complete this course within four months and at a cost as little as $15,000 although the average is $20,000. Please understand that your availability and commitment will have a direct bearing on cost and successful completion of this course.


Also be aware when seeking costs for any course that you obtain the full breakdown with no hidden charges.

Take advantage of our PPL with night rating!

PPL Requirements:

You must be:

  • At least 14 years of age to solo.

  • At least 17 years to hold licence.

  • Category 3 Canadian Medical Examination.

  • English proficiency test.

  • PSTAR exam.

  • ROC-A (Radio License).

  • 40 hours of Ground School.

  • At least 60% on written exam (PPAER).

  • At least 45 hours of flight training which must include:

  • 17 hours dual (with instructor).

  • 12 hours pilot in command (solo).

  • Successful completion of flight test.

Our ground school may be completed by using this link to our online training

You should allow $15,000 to $20,000 and 3 to 12 months depending on your commitment and capabilities. Please note that the minimum hour requirement is 45 plus a successful flight test. The average time in Canada is 62 flight hours.

PPL Requirements
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