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Frequently Asked Questions.


Q.  Why should I choose Kanata Aviation Training?


We are two directors with a passion for aviation and providing the best possible customer experience possible. We have no investors and therefore can maintain a cost effective and efficient provision for our customers.


Q.  What aircraft will I fly?

We use the Diamond DA20 as our trainer. We choose our training aircraft specifically for their modern design and training pedigree. These aircraft have been used for a number of years as a primary trainer for the North American forces and have proven to be safe and fun to fly!

Q. Do Kanata own and maintain their aircraft?

Kanata Aviation Training currently own their aircraft and maintain them to commercial standards with the approved maintenance organizations based at the High River Airport. Beware if you are offered shares in aircraft for training. It may be that these aircraft are operated outside the Transport Canada requirements for flight schools and may not be maintained to commercial standards. Aircraft used for flight training within a flight school should be registered to the flight school itself!


Q.  How can I pay for flight training?

You will have to fund your Private Pilot Licence yourself. After that point, loans are available from provincial and federal governments. We can assist in making your funding plan work for your individual needs.


Q.  Do I have to pay all my training costs upfront?

Time and time again we hear from students being asked to pay all the costs upfront. DO NOT DO THIS! We suggest that you deposit in reasonable amounts to maintain a current positive balance in your school account. If there are funds available in your school account, you can fly! In addition, if your school is licensed by your province, there should also be safeguards in place. Alberta Government require all licensed flight schools to protect any funds the students deposit with them.


Q.  Which is best, part time or full time?

Full time will in most cases provide a quicker and more effective way of training. This provides consistency and will get you ready to enter the job market quicker than a part time course of study. Part time study is very achievable, but you should be aware that this will inevitable take longer and, in some cases, may cost more to complete due to regression in the learning profile.


Q.  What can I expect regarding studying with Kanata Aviation Training?

Your ground school will be structured and will form the mainstay initially for your training. We have set processes in place so that we help you achieve your targets and goals. The written exams cause the biggest failure rate in aviation training. With that in mind, we set specific targets that we require you to attain prior to transitioning to the next phase of your training.


Q.  What happens if I find the ground school challenging?

Unlike many schools, we provide ongoing support and guidance at no additional cost. We want you to succeed and become not just a pilot but an exceptional pilot! If the going gets tough, we will reduce or stop you flying if necessary until you are ready to continue. There is nothing worse than completing your flight training and having the written exams still looming!


Q. Many people complain about inconsistencies in training. How do you deal with this?

All our flight instructors undergo flight reviews on a regular basis with the CFI or Transport Canada examiner. Flight reviews maintain consistency in instruction and ensure we all teach to the same standards of excellence. Reviews range from each month to each twelve-month period depending on the instructor class. We believe monitoring our instructors provides consistency in quality and also provide valuable ongoing support and training for our lower time instructors.

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