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Our Aim:


Our aim is to provide high quality flight training which uses your budget to its maximum, by structuring your training to your individual needs. By doing this, you will have minimum delay in gaining your license.

Our school will be run by the two owners, no investors here, just good honest training. Our chief flight instructor is a class 1 instructor and has many hours of instructing and commercial experience to draw on from across North America. He will be our guiding light for all the instructors and students, to ensure consistency and quality in our training.


We are located at the High River Airport (CEN4), just off the main highway 2 and less than 30 minutes south of Calgary. A large main runway and a the new GPS approach system, this airport will provide training to commercial standards without the limitations of excessive controlled traffic and waiting times. This means that you will be in the air with little to no waiting time making the most of your training hours.  And don't worry about not gaining the right experience. When you have mastered the basic art of  controlling the aircraft, you will progress your training through controlled airspace such as Lethbridge and Calgary and cross boarder crossings to enable you to gain top class experience.

In addition, there are two aircraft maintenance organizations on the airport. That means less downtime for service and repairs. No waiting for our aircraft to be flown to another location, or waiting for the mobile engineer to travel to us. its all there and conveniently situated.

Our hangar can accommodate up to ten aircraft, so lots of room for expansion. Our new ground school facility will accommodate a classroom and flight planning room, briefing rooms and a dedicated exam room together with newly renovated washrooms and a kitchen area, and don't forget our informal lounge area with a full  view of the main runway!

Please check back regularly for website updates. 

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