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Discovery Flights.
Just want a taste  to see if its for you? Our discovery flights are just the ticket! After a flight safety briefing and an overview of what to expect on your flight, you will take the pilots seat and get to fly the aircraft, with a little help from your instructor! This is a great way to get some hands on experience of what its like to take control of an aircraft. At just $304.50 inc. taxdiscovery flights make great gifts for anyone, even those who have everything!! ,

The cost includes all flight briefings and approximately one hour in the aircraft.
footwear must be worn, no sandals or open toe footwear permitted.
Fees are required 48 hours prior to the flight.


Tours are unavailable at this time.

Tours are a fantastic way to see the local area the way the birds do! have ever wondered what lay beyond the mountains and in those inaccessible valleys? Ever thought about snapping that unforgettable photo?

We can provide tours for every occasion traveling via fixed wing or helicopter.

Why not combine our tour with a FAM flight for the best experience!


Please contact us so we can assist you in planning your next trip.

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