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Applying for Student Aid 2021



Kanata Aviation Training is a Private Career College and is registered with Student Aid Alberta. This permits our students to apply for student loans and grants through the Government of Alberta and the Federal Government, allowing students to acquire financing to successfully complete their commercial flight training. 


Student Aid is available for the following Fixed Wing programs:

·       Commercial Pilot License

·       Multi Engine Rating

·       Multi Engine Instrument Rating (Group 1)

·       Flight Instructor Rating


Currently, Student Aid Alberta is allocating a maximum allowable amount of $15,000 available to students, per component above ($60,000 total). Student grants may also be available.



Step by Step guide to applying for Student Aid Alberta.


Please note that Student Aid Alberta does not fund the private pilot license training.


Step 1:

Click here to go to the Alberta Student Aid Home Page ( You will need a digital ID. Go to MyAlberta Digital ID, (SFS / SIAMS Login) or click the “Apply Now” link at the bottom of the page. Login if you previously have an account or create an account if you do not. If you do not already have an account, Alberta service will mail you a confirmation code, which may take a couple weeks to receive. 


Step 2:

Once you are on the Alberta student aid welcome page, scroll down to 2020/2021 Loans & Grants for full-time students and click Apply. Fill out all 3 sections (Personal Information, Study Information, Financial Information). Once completed, click Submit.


Step 3:

Alberta Student Aid will begin processing your application and will send you a message requiring extra documents. The first of which will be a Commercial Aviation Form 20/21. This form is available under the Student Aid resources tab on the right side of the welcome page. This form must be completed by Kanata and then uploaded to the Upload Documents tab also located on the welcome page. You can upload all your documents as pictures or files. 


Step 4:

They will then request a copy of your Private License. If you have already received your pilot license, upload a picture of it. If not, upload a picture of both sides of your student license that has been signed to be use as your temporary pilot license, Your student Pilot Permit). 


Step 5:

From there you can expect Student Aid to send you a Student Award Letter. This letter will inform you of how much they have awarded you, any grants they may include and the schedule of release for the money. 


Step 6:

You will then be sent two contract agreements to fill out. The Alberta Student Aid Agreement can be filled out right away. You will have to wait for an additional email to fill out the Canada Master Student Financial Assistance Agreement. This one will require you to register an account on This account will allow you to access all your information regarding your loan distribution and repayment.


Step 7:  

Student Aid will then ask you to fill out a Confirmation of Registration Form.  This form will have to be filled out by Kanata and then uploaded in the Upload Documents link located on the right side of the welcome page. Once uploaded, you can expect for your application to be processed and the money will be deposited to your account shortly. 

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