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Commercial Pilot Licence to start flying as a career.

This programme is for those of you wish to pursue a career as a commercial pilot. This 


  • An applicant shall be a minimum of eighteen years of age.

  • Hold a Category 1 Medical Certificate valid for a Commercial Pilot Licence - Aeroplane.

  • Have completed a minimum of 80 hours commercial pilot aeroplane ground school instruction.

  • Obtained a minimum of 60% in the written examination Commercial Pilot Licence — Aeroplane (CPAER):

  • Completed 65 hours of commercial pilot flight training in aeroplanes consisting of a minimum of:

    • 35 hours dual instruction. 

    • 30 hours solo flight time.

  • Successful completion of a flight test.


Note that the above is the formal minimum training for a Commercial Pilot License. You will be required to complete a total of 200 hours which may include hour obtained during your Private Pilot License, hour building time and any other hours such as rating etc. In general, you will require additional solo hours. Your PPL will usually have the minimum 12 hours of solo and your commercial will have 30 as a minimum. You will require a minimum of 100 solo time!


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