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Kanata Aviation Training installs new ALSim

Checkout ALSim PR

Yes, our new ALSim is finally here and should be fully certified and ready for use week commencing 19th December 2022.

The ALSim 250 is the leading flight training device, and is the industry leading standard for flight training establishments all over the world! Now here in High River, Southern Alberta, we are ready to provide our students with an enhanced training experience!

  • Log instrument time for PPL, CPL and your Instrument Rating!

  • Complete your Instrument renewals without leaving the ground!

  • Fly during otherwise bad weather days and keep your flight training on track!

  • Reduce your training costs and review challenging maneuvers on the ground!

Costs for the simulator (FTD) - $185 per hour with instructor!   


Be all you can be, the only limit is 


We are a Licensed Private Career College and an Alberta Student Aid provider for post secondary education and also a Designated Learning (DLI).

Enrol now using this link - Note - Please contact us prior to enrolling. 

A new outlook on pilot training.

Pilot Training - The way YOU want it!

Kanata Aviation Training was born from a passion to assist aspiring pilots to attain their goal in becoming professional aviators.

Our aim is to:

  • Provide the very best training to meet and exceed your expectations.

  • Apply a flexible training solution that fits your personal schedule.

  • Ensure that your budget is utilized in the most cost effective way. 


Let your adventure begin.


We look forward to helping you realize your dreams. For more information, please contact us:

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